Raleigh International Fundraiser (And a Gentle Reminder to Exist in Photographs)

In aid of the wonderful charity, Raleigh International, I have been offering to headshot sessions  in return for a donation of £25 via my JustGiving page https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/kelechi-hafstad (any and all donation are always welcome!)

With some shoots done and dusted, and a few more in the pipeline, it's been a pleasure to meet and spend time with such a lovely bunch of people, and I'd like to thank everyone who has got in touch with me so far! Your donation is very gratefully received!

Generally, when people come looking for headshots it is with the intention of using it for something serious or professional; an job application, a LinkedIn profile etc. And these are all very legitimate reasons for having a photograph of yourself. But whilst I was sitting and editing these shoots, I found myself thinking a more about what the value of these photographs really is... it got a little deep.

Everyday, in some way, shape or form, we are reminded that our footprints on this earth are both light and fleeting. We don't need to look far to be reminded of that. (Hold your loved ones really, really tight.) But for as long as we are unable to make time stand still, photographs will perhaps be one of our most treasured possessions. Nothing could tempt me to sell the photographs that I have of my parents, grandparents, or anyone else that I love. Especially those who are no longer with us. This is obviously not based on the aesthetic quality of the photographs, or their exceptional composition, but because of their powerful ability to trigger memories.

These beautiful women generously donated £25 to Raleigh International in return for their portraits but I hope that, down the line, their personal value will exceed any price tag as they are loved and treasured for generations and generations to come.

A few from my own little treasure chest

A few from my own little treasure chest

Kelechi Hafstad