Marsou: A Creative and Collaborative Laboratory // Kid’s Fashion Shoot in Paris



I recently had the pleasure to shoot for Marsou, a boutique brand of children’s clothing based in Paris.


I met Laetitia, Marsou’s founder, one crisp January afternoon in Paris to do a family session with her, her husband, and beautiful children. It was there that she told me all about her business which is so much more than simply a baby brand and I immediately decided I wanted to get involved.  What makes Marsou so special is that their range is developed in collaboration with artists and creatives who do not necessarily work in fashion. So, not only do they create undeniably exquisite pieces of clothing, they also create a platform for artists to come together and help each other out. And that is something I can get on board with!


On the day of the shoot, I was greeted at Laetitia’s bright, Parisian apartment with an appropriately strong, black coffee and we got stuck into preparing for the shoot. Not long after, Amandine, this season’s collaborating artist arrived with her two wonderful children and I got to hear about the process from her side. It was incredibly inspiring to be surrounded by so many creative, resilient, entrepreneurial women all at once.


With a house literally full of children, the morning flew by surprisingly smoothly, though not without a few food-based bribes (and not just for the kids!). It was a pleasure and an honour to have been part of such a fabulous, creative project, and doesn’t the line look gorgeous! 


If you want to get your hands on one of the pieces, visit




K x