Nicole and Adriane: Incredible Island Wedding in Lanzarote

Nicole and Adri - kelechianna

Ever since this wedding was confirmed, I had been eagerly counting down the days until I got on the flight, and I can now confirm that it was everything I expected and more. Nicole and Adriane threw a wedding of dreams on the incredible island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, and it was an absolute pleasure to photograph.

Adriane got ready peacefully in his abuela’s family home on a hill, surrounded by none but his closest family members. He was calm and collected, and as he picked up his new, brown leather shoes he marvelled, half to himself, ‘Wow, so these are the shoes I get married in’. It was a lovely moment, and a pleasure to witness.

Whilst Adri prepared to get married in relative peace and quiet, the same can not be said for the bride, Nicole! In line with Irish tradition, all of the bride’s guests packed in to her aunt’s house where she was getting ready, and so from around 11 am, the place was full of chatter and laughter and bubbling anticipation.

The ceremony took place in a beautiful, ornate church, with touching and heartfelt readings (both in English and in Spanish) being given by the couple’s family and friends.

The wedding party was in such good spirits that even before desert was over there were couples tearing up the dance floor, dancing what seemed to be professional standard salsa, (although I am told that this level of skill is simply the norm and that everyone in the family learns to dance even before they can walk…!)

A big thank you to Adriane, Nicole, and both of their families for putting on such a beautiful event filled with love, laughter and joy. Wishing you all the best as you set out on your life as husband and wife.

Here is the story of their day.


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